Event update.

Hammamet, Tunisia
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Event update.

Event update

The organisers have worked hard to host the African Championships in Tunisia, after the difficulties earlier in the year and they need your support. They understand that there has been uncertainty about the event and to encourage entries, have waived the surcharge for entries received later than the deadline. There are still places available.

So far, there are 29 sailors entered from

  • Tunisia - 14
  • Algeria - 7
  • Morocco - 3
  • South Africa - 5

Please have a look at the amended NOR or contact the organisers or IODA for more information. IODA are committed to this event and we invite all African members to send a team.

June 19, 2011

Join us in Tunisia in October!!

This event had been originally scheduled to take place in June but the political turmoil at the beginning of the year had forced the organisers to postpone it. Now that the unrest has subsided, we invite all of you to join us in Tunisia, where the 2011 African Championship will be held from October 1 to 9.

the fleet in 2010
The fleet in Kenya 2010

The African Championship is a great opportunity for the sailors from the region to have their first IODA event, an unforgettable experience where they have the chance to sail against sailors from about 17 African countries and have a taste of a top level international event like the Worlds.

Hammamet in the North of Tunisia

This year the venue will be Hammamet, a city in the North of Tunisia, with its coast line on the Mediterranean sea, that is a popular destination for tourism, swimming and water sports. Hammamet is particularly known for jasmine, which decorates and scents the streets and shops all around the city; and the origin of the name of Yasmine Hammamet, the area of the city where the shore venue and accommodation of the championship are located.

coast line
The hotel, and the club in the middle of the bay

Sailors and officials will be accommodated at the Marina Palace, a big resort right in front of the beach, 5 minutes walk from the Cercle Nautique Yasmine, the regatta shore venue.

Marina Palace | Cercle Nautique

Regarding the sailing conditions, prevailing winds are from the NW, between 10 and 20 knots. Daytime temperatures can reach 30 degrees celcius while the water temperature is stable at 22 degrees. No warm suits needed!! :)

Please check the Notice of Race for more information and contact the IODA or the organisers if you have any questions.