IODA is committed to making sustainability and the environment a focus of the class. As the largest youth sailing class in the world, we recognize that Optimist Sailors are the next generation leaders and future guardians of the worlds’ lakes, oceans, rivers, and the planet.

As part of our Sustainability Strategy, IODA has introduced a number of initiatives that improve sustainability of our events.

We now have event microsites for all of our IODA Events that include an online Official Notice Board, which eliminates as much as possible, the need for the physical posting of paper notices and results.  An Online Registration System within the microsite also eliminates paper and saves time for organizers and teams registering for the event. 

The same microsite platform is used for all our IODA Events, which enables IODA and our Organizers to reduce the amount of work that is duplicated for each event.

IODA has also created a Paperless Measurement System for use by the Technical Committee at our IODA events that significantly reduces that amount of paper and waste. The Paperless Measurement System is more efficient, saves time and the data collected is useful in analyzing boats and equipment in the class. It is integrated into the online Registration System in the event microsite.

IODA is also implementing across all IODA Championships, guidelines to help our Organizers ensure that our events are sustainable and environmentally friendly in terms of limiting single-use plastics, minimizing garbage, and using technology to improve efficiencies across all functional areas.

IODA now has an online APP for each event that ensures that family and friends around the globe can watch and be part of the championship. The APP is generated from the event microsite.

Working with external partners at some of our IODA Events, “Beach Clean Up” activities have been introduced for sailors, team leaders, coaches, officials, and volunteers. This has been an excellent way to engage the young sailors and the local community.

Education is an important aspect of learning to sail in the Optimist as well as learning about the weather and environment where we play our sport. Thousands of children are introduced to sailing each year through the Optimist. As a result, IODA is introducing to all our Members and sailors, a co-branded IODA Versions of the World Sailing Sustainability Education Programme that is targeted to 6-12 year olds.