Sailor advertising permitted for 2013

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Sailor advertising permitted for 2013

The AGM in July voted to permit competitor advertising on the hull in the area not reserved for the organising authority. The wording for this change has now been agreed by the ISAF and this new class rule comes into effect from 1st January 2013.

Competitor advertising can only be applied as a 'temporary' sticker, so cannot be placed in the gel coat. The ISAF Regulations state that the front 40% of the boat is for Event Advertising so the sailor may choose to have his or her own advertising on the other 60%, including the stern.

There is no change in 2013 for the sail or spars.

Class Rule 2.8 Advertising

2.8.1 Competitor advertising is only permitted as follows: the hull in any area not already designated for Event Advertising. Such advertising may only be applied as a temporary adhesive sticker.

2.8.2 In addition to ISAF Regulation 20.2.4, promotion of tobacco or alcohol products or advertising of an overtly sexual nature, is not permitted.

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