News 2020 IODA Handbook Now Published

2020 IODA Handbook Now Published

The 2020 IODA Handbook is now published on the IODA Website.  The changes in the Articles of Association and Championship Conditions that were approved at the 2019 AGM are indicated by red font.

The IODA Handbook contains the IODA Articles of Association that outlines how the class is governed.  The Championship Conditions on the other hand, provide the rules and regulations of how our World and Continental Championships are organized and who can enter.

Download the 2020 IODA Handbook today and have it on hand as a reference for all your Optimist activity.

A friendly reminder that January 15th is the last day that Members can send in a proposal to the Secretariat if they would like to change an Article and/or a Condition of an IODA World or Continental Championship.