News Webinar: SOS - Save our Sailors, Save our Skin, Save our Seas Now Available On-Demand

Webinar: SOS - Save our Sailors, Save our Skin, Save our Seas Now Available On-Demand

The IODA Webinar held on Friday, May 27th called SOS - Save our Sailors, Save our Skin, and Save our Seas with guest expert dermatologist Dr. Edit Olasz Harken is now available on-demand

Dr. Edit Olasz Harken, the founder of Harken Derm, an expert in skincare, sun protection, sunscreens and a skin cancer specialist discussed the importance of sun safety particularly for sailors and provided fact-based evidence and information supporting the importance of skin care protection and cancer prevention. Dr. Harken received and answered many questions from the attendees who were interested in learning more about this very important issue in our sport. 

Dr. Edit Olasz Harken is an Associate Professor of Dermatology. She received her medical degree and Ph.D. in Hungary. She completed her dermatology research fellowship at the National Institute of Health. She completed her residency at the Medical College of Wisconsin and is the Director of the Aesthetic and Laser Surgery Clinic. Dr. Harken is an expert in treating high-risk skin cancers in immunosuppressed patients.

She is married to Peter Harken, co-founder and chairman of Harken Inc, an international manufacturer specializing in performance sailing hardware. She co-founded Harken Derm with her husband to help sailors protect their skin from the sun and achieve a healthy skin for life.

To view the Webinar on-demand, go to the link here

We would like to thank Dr. Edit Olasz Harken for taking the time to share her passion and expertise on skin care and sun protection for our Optimist sailors, their families, and the sailing community. 

Please feel free to share the webinar and its important message.