News Venues for 2010 and 2011

Venues for 2010 and 2011

Yesterday at the second session of the IODA AGM, some of the venues for the IODA events in 2011 were selected.

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Yesterday at the second session of the IODA AGM, some of the venues for the IODA events in 2011 were selected.


The Worlds have been allocated to New Zealand, who will host the event in Napier, on the east coast of the North Island.

New Zealand has many great sailing venues to choose from and the organising committee have selected Napier as it is a world class sailing venue with a great club, open waters, good winds and negligible curren It also, has several hotels and motels within walking distance of the Yacht Club.

The weather is arguably the best in New Zealand with temperatures ranging from 18 to 28 C and winds blowing from 5 to 21 knots.

The other candidate biding for the Worlds was Peru, with an attractive proposal to host the championship in the bay of Paracas, where they had run a successful South American in 2008. Sailing conditions in Paracas are said to be wonderful so we do hope that the Peruvian Association don't give up and bid for another IODA event in the near future.

For more information about New Zealand and the event, visit:

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Continentals 2011

The Europeans (both for fleet and team racing) and the South Americans, are the two continental events for which the venues have been selected.

The European representatives have chosen the Clube Náutico de Tavira in the south of Portugal as their hosts for their event. The club has a long tradition as organisers of high level events, having already organised an IODA European Championship in 2002. Apart from the superb sailing conditions, the venue is favoured with excellent accommodation

at Hotel Vila Galé, a 4-star hotel at walking distance from the venue.

More information about the hotel

As for the South Americans, the selected venue is the Club de Yates Algarrobo in Chile, with a proposal to run the event in similar conditions as in 2004.

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Venues for 2010

The venues for 2010 have been confirmed as follows:

Championship   Venue Dates
IODA Worlds Langkawi, MALAYSIA Dec 27 2010 to Jan 07 2011
IODA Europeans Kamien Pomorski, POLAND Jul 2 to 10
IODA TR Europeans Lago di Ledro, ITALY August
IODA North Americans Kingston, CANADA Jun 26 to Jul 4
IODA South Americans Punta del Este, URUGUAY Mar 25 to Apr 4
IODA Asians Pattaya, THAILAND Jul 3 to 11
IODA Africans Kalifi, KENYA Aug 15 to 23
IODA Oceanians Adelaide, AUSTRALIA Jan 6 to 10