News ROPE Program at 2021 NAMS a Success!

ROPE Program at 2021 NAMS a Success!

The IODA ROPE (Recycled Optimist Parts & Equipment) Program was launched during the North American Championship in Mexico with great success.  Sailors from several countries came to our “ROPE OPTI” and happily left behind some of their equipment for other sailors to use.  From sails to bailers and extensions… one by one the kids brought their things. 

We also received a very generous donation from the Sail it Forward Program funded by Fynn and Pierce Olsen from team USA.  The American twins are very keen in supporting their fellow sailors and have started this wonderful initiative.    The Rope Program cannot be happier and more proud of joining forces with them.  Thank you for your energy and passion! 

Thank you all so much to all of those who generously helped making the program launch a great success.  We appreciate your generosity while also helping the planet by recycling!!!!

Some of the recipients that received equipment donated by our generous sailors were the Escuela de Vela La Cruz, and The Vallarta Yacht Club, both from Nayarit, Mexico, as well as the Eleuthera Sailing Academy in Bahamas that received the equipment and are now part of this fantastic sustainability and socially responsible effort.

The ROPE Program was a success in Mexico and we look forward to expanding our reach by helping sailing communities around the world while taking care of our beautiful planet by recycling all our Optimist equipment!