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Turkish sailor Rasim Yasar first Cup winner

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2014 Qatar Optimist Cup
Qatar Sailing and Rowing Federation, Qatar
Doha, Qatar

Rasim Yasar first Cup winner

January 2

Rasim Vasar (TUR 1281) starts the race on port

Rasim Yasar managed to nail the final four races for an emphatic championship win, a great result for the Turkish sailor. Marsha Shahrin from Singpaore will be pleased with her second place overall, as will Florine Bramervaer from Holland who just pipped Okyanus Arikan by three points.

This was the first of what is hoped will be an annual event and the Qatar Sailing and Rowing Federation are looking for more entrants same time, same place next year.

Final Results

December 31

50 sailors from 15 countries are enjoying excellent conditions in Doha with 8 races completed so far, at the penultimate day of racing of the Qatar Optimist Cup..


3-4 races are scheduled for the first day of 2014 depending on the weather.

Results after 8 races

Team racing was scheduled yesterday for the inaugural Qatar Optimist Cup. After tuning and preparing their boats, the sailors went to the skippers briefing to establish that 6 teams would be racing for podium glory. Since not every country had the required number of athletes to form a national team, the organisers created some mixed teams to be able to compete – a real test for their communication skills.

For team 5 and team 6, made up of sailors from Qatar, the UAE and Algeria, this kind of racing was new and challenging. Abdullah Al Raeesi from the UAE and Ganim Al Sewaidi from Qatar fought hard with their team mates, but they went home early, having gained valuable experience.


The Grand Final was between Teams 1 & 4. The strong Turks against a European mixed team from Switzerland, Britain and Germany. The Turks led from early on and showed their intentions to take the title. Team 1 was trying to fight back and was hoping for some mistakes from the Turks.  But team 4 were unstoppable and very well prepared for this race.

Team Racing Results

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