No longer required for fleet races.

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No longer required for fleet races.

We would like to inform our members that the Regatta Committee of the IODA have changed the Class policy regarding the requirement to display the red flag when protesting in fleet races. The sailing instruction which deleted rule 61.1(a)(2) will no longer be used so that a red flag is no longer required to make a valid protest. However, the need to inform the race committee at the finish of an intention to protest and the sail number of the protested boat, remains.

The standard Notices of Race and Sailing Instructions from 2012 onwards will amend rule 61.1 as follows:

Add to rule 61.1(a) "The protesting boat shall inform the Race Committee of the boat/s being protested at the finishing line immediately after finishing."

In team races the display of the red flag remains unchanged and complies with the ISAF RRS Appendix D.

IODA members and organisers may apply this new approach in their local events but there is no obligation to adopt this policy.