News Peru crowned South American Team Racing Champions – USA takes Nations Cup

Peru crowned South American Team Racing Champions – USA takes Nations Cup

Peruvians and Americans partied, this Wednesday, at the Iate Clube do Rio de Janeiro. The team from Peru (1), formed by Isabella Suazo, Arantza Valdibieso, Ana Sofia Bedoya, Stefano Moy and Salvador Marchena, took the team title of the South American Championship Optmist 2022. The United States team (1), with sailors Finnegan Grainger, Wylder Smith, Cooper Keeves, Emilio Boanegra and Beck Brill, was the winner of the Nations Cup, a competition disputed by teams from Central and North America. 

To reach the title, Peru (1) started beating teams from Uruguay (1) and Brazil (1). Then it was surpassed by Argentina (2) and won by Chile (1). In the semifinal, he beat the Brazil team (2), which finished in third place. In the title dispute, Peru won both races against the Argentina team (2), in a rematch of the 2021 final, in Mar del Plata. On that occasion, Argentina won 2-1. 

For 14-year-old Isabella Suazo, the victory had a taste of rematch and was even more special due to the balance between the 16 participating teams. “Our recovery in the first race of the final was one of the most exciting moments of the dispute, as the Argentinian team is very technical and fast. But this time, all our collective effort prevailed”, celebrated.  

Salvador Marchena, 13, said that the Peruvian conquest was possible because everyone was safe and motivated. “We were training a lot for this moment and everyone fulfilled their role in the races very well”, he praised. 

The team competition had the participation of 16 teams representing Argentina (3), Brazil (3), Chile (3), Ecuador (1), Peru (1) and Uruguay (1). The Nations Cup was contested by Bahamas (1), Bermuda (1), Canada (2), United States (3) and Puerto Rico (1). Each country could enter a maximum of three teams. 

The Finals Fleet Racing continues on the last two days of the Championship.