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ISAF publish interpretation re Megastep

December 19

A request for an Interpretation in accordance with Regulation 10.12.1(a) was received from the International Optimist Class Association and the manufacturer of the Megastep mast step.

The following interpretation has been made in accordance with Regulation 10.12.1(d) on the 20th December 2013 and is effective until the 31st December 2014 or until the next edition of the class rules whichever is sooner.


Does the Megastep mast step comply with the Optimist class rules?


Yes. The Megastep mast step is deemed to comply with the class rules, in particular and therefore is a legal Optimist part.


When installing a Megastep mast step the Optimist Class Technical Committee and ISAF note the following:

1. The Megastep mast step has a width of approximately 86 mm and a centre-to-centre bolt hole distance of approximately 74 mm. Taking into account bolt holes of 6 mm and a mast backing plate with a nominal width of 60 mm on the plans, the Megastep mast step does not appear to be able to be fastened to the mast backing plate of a GRP boat.

2. The Megastep mast step has a greater mast bearing surface height than other current models. Therefore the measurement item 42 on the measurement form (from the height of top of gunwale assembly above bearing surface of mast step) will be required to be re-measured after installing the Megastep mast step.

The interpretation can be found on the ISAF website HERE

We will shortly be publishing instructions to help National Class Associations accurately measure item 42.