It has been drawn to the attention of the IODA Technical Committee that there may be issues with some masts that are built with an extra aperture that is not allowed in the Optimist Class Rules.

             PICTURE A                                     PICTURE B


In particular, following the C.R., “The mast shall have either two holes, in any direction in the horizontal plane, or two eyes, which need not be permanently fixed, or one eye and one hole. The upper edge of one of the holes or eyes shall be not less than 20 mm from the top of the mast and the upper edge of the other not less than 120 mm from the top of the mast. Lacing lines shall pass through these eyes or holes and shall be lashed through the eyelet at the throat of the sail, see also CR. A wind indicator or wind indicator fittings (CR. may secure, or be secured by these lacing lines, but this does not release the lines from the obligation of passing through the holes or eyes.

If you have a mast similar to Picture B, talk with your dealer before your next IODA Event.


Olive Parker, Chair IODA Technical Committee

October 6, 2020