News Matias Capizzano – Seahorse Sailor of the Month – JUNE 2020

Matias Capizzano – Seahorse Sailor of the Month – JUNE 2020

Congratulations to Matias Capizzano - Winner of Seahorse International Sailing Magazine Sailor of the Month - 2020 June.

Matias has been recognized for the enormous amount that he does to support sailing in South America, youth sailing especially, and most of all the Optimist class.

Matias has been working with the Optimist Class taking outstanding images for over a decade. His book "The Optimist Image Book" produced in 2013 is a collection of stunning images of Optimists and sailors both on and off the water in locations around the world.

Matias has the uncanny ability to capture those special moments of joy, focus, determination, resilience, and excitement that sailing brings to so many young Optimist sailors globally.

As Matias states in his book which applies to all of his work "the images show the sailor's skills in maneuvers, courage in bad weather, synchronization with their movements on board, the attitude when they confront several challenges at such a young age, helping them to form their character. All this happens in contact with nature allowing them to live and perceive other senses in this unique activity that connects them with the sea and wind".

Congratulations to Matias from all of us in IODA and from the Optimist sailors worldwide. We are so fortunate to work with you on our IODA Events and hope that we continue to work together in partnership to promote the Optimist to sailors and families today, but more importantly to inspire the new sailors of the future.

To view his work in the Optimist Class and other classes and events, go to his website at

Note: The Optimist Image Book is distributed by Optiparts.