News IODA WEBINAR - Save our Sailors, Save our Skin, Save our Seas with Dr. Edit Olasz Harken

IODA WEBINAR - Save our Sailors, Save our Skin, Save our Seas with Dr. Edit Olasz Harken

As part of the Steering the Course Women's Fesitval targeted at increasing girls and women participation in sailing taking place from Friday, May 20th through to Sunday, May 29th, IODA will be hosting a Webinar called SOS - Save our Sailors, Save our Skin, Save our Seas on Friday, May 27th at 14:00 UTC with quest speaker Dr. Edit Olasz Harken. 

As an expert in skincare, sun protection, sunscreens and a skin cancer specialist, Dr. Olasz Harken will answer questions and talk about the importance of sun safety particularly for sailors and will provide fact-based evidence and information that supports the importance of skin care protection and cancer prevention. 

Dr. Olasz Harken confirms that “sun care and the prevention of skin cancer starts at a young age, which is supported by the data that 5 or more sunburns in youth can double the risk of melanoma. We believe that education and awareness to sun safety is an important key message that can save lives and it will resonate with the young Optimist sailors and their families.”

To save sailors and their skin, Harken Derm have developed a Two-Step Solution created specifically for the global sailing community to save their skin.

Step 1 is a premium mineral sunscreen with antioxidants called Ultimate Shield, that is formulated to perform in the harsh sailing environment -   it won’t run or wash off easily and will keep skin healthy. Step 2 is an after-sun lotion called Daily Skin Repair that provides an advanced botanical antioxidant complex to stop the damage, and the nutrients needed to replenish a sailor’s skin after extreme sun and wind exposure. 

To save our seas, the Ultimate Shield’s 100% mineral UV filter composition makes it environmentally safe for ocean health. The chemical formulations of many sunscreens have been proven to damage coral reefs and the entire underwater ecosystem, and certain chemical UV filters are absorbed into the bloodstream. Their product tubes are made from sugarcane and are fully recyclable which helps reduce plastic waste.

To register for the Webinar on Friday, May 27th at 14:00 UTC use the link here. 

The Webinar is open to everyone.  The message of the important of skin care protection and cancer prevention is universal for all sailors of any age.  


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