The second IODA event of the year (the first one were the Oceanians in January) has come to an end and we are very pleased

Punta del Este, URUGUAY
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Official photographer of the event


SAM TR results | NC results (both PDF)

Click here to see the list of sailors per country (PDF)

APRIL 4th: Official departure day

sailors and city

The second IODA event of the year (the first one were the Oceanians in January) has come to an end and we are very pleased with the outcome. The event was a success. The organisation on shore and off shore was superb, the people were friendly and eager to help the visitors, and the sailing spot was excellent; not only because of the sea and nature but also because Punta del Este is an amazing city. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the organisers for their wonderful job.

El Salvador

With regards to the statistics, there were 168 sailors from 18 countries, including two sailors from El Salvador. This year was very special because it was the first time that El Salvador (with the assistance of an IODA Regatta Grant) has entered an IODA event.The fleet in ESA has been growing since it was first launched in 2007 and we were glad to see two of their sailors in Uruguay after their boats had been destroyed by hurricane Ida last November. (See more details here Congratulations to Stanley Rosales and Angel Hernández.

team USA
Team USA

We would also like to thank the sailors from the USA who brought 9 extra sails to the SAMs to donate to Paraguay for a new optimist fleet. This follows a generous donation of sails from GBR sailors for a fleet in Mozambique, particularly important as Maputo, (Mozambique) will be the venue for the All African Games in 2011 and the optimist is one of the classes included in the sailing.

The venue for the SAMs in 2011 was chosen at the AGM in Brazil last year and was going to be Algarrobo, Chile. However, after the recent earthquake, they have been evaluating the feasibility of organising the event (available sponsors, facilities, roads to get to Algarrobo, etc) and will take a final decision soon. Otherwise the event will go to Argentina.

So, we hope to see everybody in Chile next year!!! ... or in Argentina!!

APRIL 3rd: Day 10

Nachito Varisco
Ignacio Varisco celebrates Victory

The wind didn't blow so strongly as forecasted but it was stronger that the average of the previous days.The sailors had, at last, an opportunity to wear their jackets, wetsuits and boots!! The first warning signal was displayed at 1100, an hour earlier than usual to allow for ample time in the afternoon to return the boats to the provider and get ready for the Closing Ceremony. And by 1330 we already knew that Ignacio Varisco from Argentina had become the South American Champion 2010!!

The races were sailed to the north of the harbour, and with the South Easterly breeze the first leg was windier and with choppy waters, while the run had a flat sea and less wind. (sheltered by the shore). The wind started blowing at 16 knots for the first race and dropped to 12 during the second. Ignacio didn't do well in the first race but he still had a second discard to take advantage of, and a third in the second race earned him the title.

Javier Arribas
Javier Arribas: second overall

Leonardo Lombardi
Leonardo Lombardi (BRA 3563): third overall

The second and third places didn't change either from yesterday to today. Javier Arribas sailed consistently in both races and finished 5 and 4, adding up to a total of 42 points (2 behind Varisco), while Leonardo Lombardi finished 7 in the first race and was scored OCS in the second, which he discarded.

juliana duque
Juliana Duque: first girl overall

In the girl fleet it was Juliana Duque from Brazil who conquered the title of both the close and open events after today's 7th and 6th finishing places. Cristina D'Angelo didn't have much luck and went to second South American girl after a 20th in the first race and an OCS in the second. Megan Grapengeter-Rudnick (USA) is second overall.

| Results |

APRIL 2nd: Day 9

Nachito Varisco

Light winds for today's races again, but a little stronger towards the end of the last race of the day. As the RC had expected, sailors were able to complete 4 races, catching up on the schedule and leaving only two races to be sailed tomorrow.

Notwithstanding a DNF in the second race of the day, Ignacio “Nachito” Varisco -ARG- climbed up two places in the ranking and is now the leader of the scoreboard. His worst position in the rest of the races is a 10th in race 5 and this has given him an advantage of 10 points ahead of Javier Arribas, from PER, who is in second place. Javier had been first until Tuesday the 30th but today's 14th and 11th in the last two races added too many points to his total score. Leonardo Lombardi from Brazil is third overall, followed by Sinclair Jones, World Champion 2009.

Among the girls, Cristina D'Angelo still leads the fleet in 15th overall, while Juliana Duque and Solene Crepin are second and third respectively.


MARCH 31st: Team Racing

PER champions SAM TR

PER champions SAM TR

Peru 2 are the new South American Team Racing Champions and USA 1 are the winners of the Nations Cup!

The two team racing events were successfully sailed today in Punta del Este. In the morning the wind took longer than expected to establish and races had to be started later than scheduled but as hours went by the South Easterly breeze grew stronger and allowed for the completion of all the races.

The course for the South American Team Racing Championship was set right off the harbour, between the breakwater and Gorrity Island, while the area for the Nations Cup was in front of Parada 5 in La Mansa. So, no excuses for not watching the action live!!

Both sail offs (as the final is called) were sailed in 13 knots of wind. In the Nations Cup, the final was USA vs USA :) with USA 1 winning gold and USA 3 silver, while PUR, which had lost the semifinals against USA 1 earned bronze.

In the South American TR, the match was a classic: ARG 1 clashed with PER 2. First race was won by PER, second race by ARG... and the grand final was won by Peru, who became the new SAM Champions 2010!! Congratulations!!

Notwithstanding the results, all 29 participating teams displayed their skills and tactic knowledge and deserve to be congratulated!!

Grid of the SAM TR (pdf)

Grid of the NC (pdf)

MARCH 30th: Day 6

first day of races

Peru, Brazil and Argentina are leading the scoreboard. After the three races sailed today, the first discard became effective and the top places in the ranking changed considerably. Javier Arribas from Peru and Martin Lowy from Brazil are first and second, tied in 18 points, Ignacio Varisco from Argentina is third with 19 points; and the Optimist World Champion 2009 Sinclair Jones has climbed up in the ranking and is now 4th. First girl is Peruvian Cristina D'Angelo, who is also 6th overall.

The RC had scheduled four races for today but after the third one they decided to send the sailors back to shore due to storm clouds that were forming on the horizon. Besides, the wind has dropped to less than 7 knots and there was not enough time to sail the fourth race before dusk.

The accumulated points of each sailor in the first five individual races will now be taken into consideration for the seeding of the grids for the team racing events that are scheduled to take place tomorrow.

MARCH 29th: Day 5

Only one race was sailed today, in the morning, in a very shifty breeze of 3-4 knots of speed and a lot of current.

There were 2 attempts to sail race 4 (second of the day) but the wind died soon after the start of the first group so the race was abandoned a few minutes after the start. The RC decided to schedule a fourth race for tomorrow (in addition to the original three in the programme in the sailing instructions), which will be started depending on the sailing conditions. On coming back to shore the RC gathered together and had a “training” meeting to arrange the last-minute details for the team racing events the day after tomorrow. The team will be divided in 2, to make races in 2 courses for the team racing and the nations cup.

MARCH 28th: Day 4

first day of races

grandma's kiss
Alejandro Vazquez won't be ready to launch his boat
before his grandma has wished him good luck!! :)


Today saw the completion of the two first races in the programme. The sailing conditions followed the pattern of the last couple of days, sunny day, no clouds and an easterly breeze blowing at 7 to 10 knots of speed. The race area was set just one mile off the coast, right in front of Parada 5, in La Mansa Beach, offering a great show to local people, tourists... and anxious parents. Both races ran smoothly and were started with India Flag, no general recalls were made. There were no protests, but the Jury did signal a few breaches to RRS 42, and the corresponding penalties were taken.

After two races, the scoreboard is led by Jorge González from Puerto Rico, followed by Felipe Rondina BRA and Martin Lowy, current Brazilian Champion. The first girl is Luiza Barreto, also from BRA, in 11th place overall.

Follow the link for the complete ranking:

MARCH 27th: Practice Race

practice race

Everything seems to be ready for the first race tomorrow. In the morning during the team leaders' meeting the members of the Organising Committee, the Jury and the Race Committee introduced themselves and briefed the attendees on safety issues, general organisation, regulations of the host club, measurement and the practice race.

team leader's meeting

The practice race was sailed in 10-13 knots of land breeze, quite shifty in direction. Sailors were back on shore at approximately 1530, early enough to tune their boats for tomorrow's races.

MARCH 26th: Opening Ceremony


sailors training in Punta


The Opening Ceremony was held today, beginning with the usual parade of skippers and officials. After the parade and the speeches of the authorities, the flags of participating countries were raised by the sailors, while a band played a short part of each national anthem.

Scrutineering of the 168 boats, sails and pieces of equipment finished today, after two and a half days of measurement. The practice day is scheduled for tomorrow, and the first individual races will be sailed on Sunday. The excellent sailing conditions are expected to last at least until next Tuesday, with light wind in the mornings, increasing towards the afternoons.

See some photos of today's training and the Opening Ceremony on Matias Capizzano's web site at:

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MARCH 23rd: Two days to go!...

The IODA South American Championship is about to start! The official arrival day is next Thursday the 25th, but measurement will start at least one day earlier. The first of a total of 12 races is scheduled for next Sunday 28, for when it is forecasted that the wind speed will be close to 10 knots in the afternoon, with clear skies and a temperature reaching 24 C. Sailors are lucky!!

With regards to the IODA web site, this year we are running news items about as many of the teams and the racing as we can. We ask team leaders and coaches for their help with input on their teams: pictures, names, anything would be welcome. We are planning to update our Facebook page with as many articles as possible, like the ones from BERMUDA and ARGENTINA. Follow the link below to see them. Please send us your input to

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March 22nd

Bermuda to URU

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March 21st

ARG goes to URU

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