News Great Youth Sailing Back in Crotone on February 18th to 21st

Great Youth Sailing Back in Crotone on February 18th to 21st

300+ young sailors, great sailing conditions and lots of fun ashore!

The Club Velico Crotone marks its 10 years of life in December 2022 and after the celebrations it’s getting ready to launch an intense sailing season with the usual spirit of involvement of the territory in the passion for its sea.

The first great event of the new year for the 10-year anniversary of the Club Velico Crotone will be the BPER Banca International Carnival Race 2023. Reaching to the eighth edition, this regatta represents by now a regular appointment of the international calendar for the most popular youth sailing class: the Optimist. The Crotone Carnival Race has been the only regatta that never stopped, competing even for the 2020 and 2021 editions, despite the difficulties and the safety measures tied to the different phases the pandemic.

The 2022 was a record-breaking edition in Crotone: 330 boats from Italy and many foreign countries, with the presence of many national teams with the best young athletes that represent the future of this sport.

In these days the Club Velico Crotone has spread the Regatta Announcement of the BPER Banca International Carnival Race 2023, eighth edition. The event program expects on the 17th of February the Great Carnival Parade of the participating teams, on a route between seaside and city. Expected as usual many events aimed to put in relation the presence of international sailors and the excellence of the territory. The regattas are scheduled from the 18th to the 21st of February, date in which will be also hosted the pricegiving ceremony.

BOOK FOR FIRST! - The Notice of Race provide some important facilities: Optimist boats will be assigned for lease for free to the first 40 international sailors who register themselves: a record even from the point of view of the planning effort, that is achieving the first significant results with the oncoming reservations. More: free hospitality is included for all the trainers/coaches which team has at least 5 athletes registered in the BPER Banca International Carnival Race.

More than two months before the event, competitors from 5 different nations other than Italy have already registered: Malta, Lithuania, Ukraine, Switzerland and Sweden. Numbers will grow with the awaited confirmation from other nations habitual presences in Crotone. For sure, the best Italians Optimist sailors will be present. They will feel at home in Crotone where they often come for training events, while Italy for the Optimist world is a leading nation worldwide.

CROTONE AWAITS YOU! - The geographic location of Crotone in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, offers mild temperatures even in winter, superlative weather, marine and sailing conditions for the whole year and the hospitality of the Club and the city. Many reasons that make the BPER Banca International Carnival Race 2023 an unmissable event, also for this inserted in the Calabria Straordinaria campaign to promotes the sport and the territory of the Region.