News April 8th - Deadline to Submit Article, Condition & Class Rule Changes

April 8th - Deadline to Submit Article, Condition & Class Rule Changes

At the 2020 AGM, the Articles 16 and 17 were amended so that Members have more time to consider any Article, Championship Condition and/or Class Rule Change and make a proposal to the AGM for consideration and approval if possible. 

The revised date for submitting a proposal is now set 90 days prior the AGM.  The 2021 AGM will be taking place in Riva del Garda on Wednesday, July 7th, which means that the deadline to submit a proposal is Friday, April 8th.

The amended Articles also changed when the AGM Agenda and Proposals are to be sent out to the Members.  The deadline for doing so this year is 60 days prior to the AGM or Saturday, May 8th.

The AGM is the highest authority of IODA and is formed by the official representatives of Members present or their substitutes.  The future direction of the Optimist Class is decided by the Members.  The Optimist Class is coming up to its 60th Anniversary as a Class and throughout its history, it has been the active participation and input of our Members who have shaped the class over the years.

If you want to see a change in any part of the Optimist Class from how it is managed to a change in a championship or in the boat itself, then take this opportunity to put forth a proposal that can be presented to the Members at the AGM.

The 2021 Handbook contains the Articles of Association and the Championship Conditions.  To download the Handbook from the IODA Website, go here.

The 2021 Optimist Class Rules are available on the IODA Website and can be downloaded here.

Mark your calendars for Thursday, April 8th.