News Team ARG 2 Wins 2021 South American Team Racing Championship

Team ARG 2 Wins 2021 South American Team Racing Championship

The 2021 South American Team Racing Championship and Nations Cup took place close the shore of the Club Nautico Mar del Plata on Wednesday.  It was exciting racing from the opening race to the very end where teams battled it out for each win.  Spectators could view the racing from the shore and take in all the action and cheer on their team members.

Team Racing provides the sailors the opportunity to compete with friends together as a team.  It is certainly a highlight of the week where everyone can join in the celebration.

16 teams from the South American Countries were eligible to compete in the 2021 South American Team Racing Championship.  ARG, BRA, CHI and URU had 3 teams each and ECU and PER both had two teams.

Fierce competition between all 16 teams started the competition that saw the elimination of teams after each flight.  After 28 races the last teams standing were ARG1, ARG 2, and PER1.   ARG1 and ARG2 sailed off in the Petit Final with ARG2 defeating ARG1, giving them a place against PER1 in the Final.  But it was ARG2 who took the best 2 out or 3 races in the Final to take the gold medal defeating PER1 who took the silver medal.   ARG 1 took third place and the bronze medal as a result from the Petite Final.  

The 2021 South American Team Racing Champions are Team ARG2 consisting of the following sailors:  Julieta Benedett Josef, Delfina Kuttel, Francina Paz, Lucas Vogt, Lucas Pentreath.

Run in parallel, the Nations Cup is held for those counties that are not from South America.  It is fiercely fought and is no less important than the TRSAMS. This year, USA dominated the standings taking all three podium places and were the only teams standing after 11 races eliminating teams from BER, CAN and an extra team from PER.

The Nations Cup winners are USA1 taking the gold medal, with USA2 taking the silver and USA3 the bronze medal.

The 2021 Nations Cup Champions are Team USA1 consisting of the following sailors:  Logan Mraz, James Pine, David Coates, and Richard Sykes.

While Team Racing action was going on, the organizers held a barbeque of grilled sausages and prawns to honour the visitors from the 12 countries.  Looks like there was something for everyone on Team Racing Day! 


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