News 2023 Worlds Official Song on Spotify

2023 Worlds Official Song on Spotify

The Event Organizers are committed to the Environmental Agenda 2030 as a major aspect of the 2023 Optimist World Championship taking place in Costa Brava, June 15-25th.   

Culture is a central element of the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDG) whereby music and culture are valuable tools for motivating and engaging the youth.

By tapping into the power of music, the organizers are planning to make it a  more dynamic and effective experience for all the sailors at the championship by creating an Official Song titled, THAT’S OUR WORLD – (SAILING TOGETHER).

The song was written by Toni Ten & Xasqui Ten.  It was produced by TEN PRODUCTIONS, performed by ARIADNA VIEYRA, and distributed by MUSICA GLOBAL

The song’s lyrics evolve around making the world a better place, coming together to be our best, and creating lifelong memories of the event at “Ballena Allegre”, but most importantly it’s about 'sailing together and sailing forever'.

The Official Song is in a form of a music video whereby Ariadna Vieyra is featured singing the song along with lots of Optimist and other sailing action. To view the video, go to the link here

The song is now available on Spotify as of April 6th. Here is the link to Spotify so that you can share it with sailors, family and friends.  

Download it today and enjoy the excitement and anticipation of the upcoming World Championship in Costa Brava, June 15 to 25th!

Here are the lyrics if you want to sing along....


That’s Our World (Sailing Together)

Each morning when I wake up

I look at the sea

I can’t stop thinking

That if we’re responsible

We can make this world

A little better.


And today, while we are here

Trying to be the best

We’ll think that this is way more

than a sporting event, oh eh oh

That its memory will live forever.


We’ll ride on a happy whale

I’ll show you everyday

Our paradise: Costs Brava.


Together we never stop

We all want to get to the top

We’re the team. We got the power.


That’s our Worlds (Sailing Together)

That’s our World (Sailing Forever).


We’ll ride on the Happy Whale…


That’s our World (Sailing Together)

That’s our World (Sailing Forever)


We’ll never forget

Our special holidays

I hope to see you again

In “Ballena Allegre”, yeah


We’ll never forget..