News 2023 IODA Handbook is now Available Online

2023 IODA Handbook is now Available Online

The 2023 Edition of the IODA Handbook is now available online.  

The main contents of the Handbook are the IODA  Articles of Association and the Championship Conditions. It also contains the names and contact information of the Members of the Executive Committee, Technical Committee and Regatta Committee, as well as a list of Members, Active Builders and Optimist International Measurers

The IODA Handbook is updated each year following the proposals submitted according to Article 17, 90 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.  All changes that were approved at the 2022 AGM are shown in red type in the 2023 Edition.  

The Articles of Association are the rules that govern the class.  The Championship Conditions are the rules on the format, bidding, entry, and championship organization etc of our six Continental and World Championship events. The IODA Handbook is a very important reference document for the Optimist Class and we encourage everyone in the class to download it for future use.  It is also available on the IODA Website for easy access.

The Optimist Class Rules are produced in a separate document and provides information on the administration of the Builders, World Sailing Class Fee, the Registration and Measurement Certificate and Measurement Process, as well as the Construction & Measurement Rules of the class.   The 2023 Optimist Class Rules are currently being approved by World Sailing and will be published on the IODA Website soon. 

To download the 2023 IODA Handbook go here


04 Jan 2023

2023 IODA Handbook

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