News 2023 European Team Racing Championship Opens - Round Robin Stage 1 Complete

2023 European Team Racing Championship Opens - Round Robin Stage 1 Complete


The 2023 European Team Racing Championship hosted by the Royal Loosdrecht Yacht Club (KWVL) in the Nederlands is taking place from August 25th to 30th.

15 teams, each with two boys and two girls, from CRO, DEN, ESP, FRA, GER, GBR, GRE, ISR, ITA, NED, NOR, POL, SWE, SUI, TUR, arrived by RIB in front of the terrace of the Royal Yacht Club Loosdrecht Yacht Club for the opening ceremonies.  They were accompanied by a band to the stage where all the teams were introduced.

Carmen Casco, VP Europe welcomed the sailors with the following message, “This Event marks a significant milestone as we step into a new chapter, transitioning after 14 years of Team Racing at Lake Ledro in Italy to the wonderful waterside of Loosdrecht.

I would like to extend our biggest gratitude to The Royal Loosdrecht Yacht Club for stepping up and offering to host this great championship with only one-year’s notice. Your enthusiasm, commitment, and unwavering support have made this possible.

Team Racing is a sport that not only demands individual skill but also thrives on the art of collaboration, strategy, and camaraderie. It is the spirit of teamwork that defines this competition.

To all the young Opti sailors who have travelled from various corners of Europe, remember that you are not merely competitors, but ambassadors of sportsmanship, determination, and unity. Let us start the new adventure that brings us this event and continue to build upon the foundation of friendship and competition that this championship has always stood for.”

Round Robin Stage 1 is now complete. After 105 races, the overall ranking is TUR in 1st place with 12 points, followed by defending European Team Racing Champion ITA, in second with 11 points, with GRE in 3rd place with 10 points. Tied in points with GRE is CRO ranked 4th. ESP is in 5th, followed by POL in 6th, FRA in 7th and SWE in 8th.  These 8 teams will move on to the Gold Group in the Round Robin Stage 2.

The Silver Group in the Round Robin Stage 2 will consist of DEN, GER, GBR, ISR, NOR, SUI, NED. 

To check out the action for the Round Robin Stage 2 for the Gold and Silver Groups and Semi and Finals to see who becomes the 2023 European Team Racing Champion, go to the event Microsite here.

For results go, here.

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