News 2022 IODA Annual General Meeting Summary

2022 IODA Annual General Meeting Summary

The 2022 IODA Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place on July 4th at the Azka Hotel in Bodrum, Turkey during the 2022 Arkas Optimist World Championship.

We had an excellent in-person attendance with 58 Official Member Representatives registered. Fourteen Members that could not attend in person gave their Proxy vote to another member in attendance.

The AGM started with IODA President, Kevin Whitcraft proposed as Chair of the meeting.

The first item of business was the approval of the 2021 AGM Minutes.


IODA President, Kevin Whitcraft presented his report followed by the Vice President of Africa, Asia & Oceania, Ajay Narang; VP Americas, Sigrid Beckman; and then VP Europe, Carmen Casco presenting their reports on the global 2021 Optimist Class activities and initiatives in their region and the plans for IODA for the coming year.

  • To read the President's Report, go here.
  • To read the VP Africa, Asia & Oceania's Report, go here.
  • To read the VP America's Report, go here.
  • To read the VP Europe's Report, go here.

The Technical Committee Chair, Olive Parker reported on the technical class activities over the past year that included IODA Championship Measurement, builder inspections, and Prototype Measurement for new builders, plus rule interpretations and changes. Two new builders were approved in 2021.

  • To read the Technical Committee Chair’s Report go here.

This was followed by a report from the Regatta Committee Chair, Ricardo Navarro who’s committee has been very busy over the past year with planning our IODA Championships through a difficult time of COVID. Confirming officials to attend our events through difficult COVID travel restrictions was challenging as were the logistics for boat charters, accommodation, and travel.

  • To read the Regatta Committee Chair’s Report go here.

The Treasurer presented his report on the financial activities along with the 2021 Audited Annual Report that was approved by the Members. He also presented the 2022 Budget for the coming year.

  • To read the Treasurer’s Report go here.

There were no fee changes proposed for the Subscriptions Dues, Plaque Fees, or Championship Fees, so all are remaining the same for 2023.  The Members re-confirmed that the spar and foil label fees of $5 USD each will be introduced on January 1, 2023.

Article & Championship Proposals:

All 26 Executive Proposals were approved. Twenty-two of them involved housekeeping changes to the Championship Conditions regarding the prizes and Perpetual Trophies for our IODA events.  

The remaining four Article Changes updated Article 2 and 3 clarifying the objectives of IODA and the obligations of Members.

A new Article specifying a quorum of 30% of members eligible to vote at the AGM was also approved. 

  • To review the Executive Committee Proposals, go here.

Class Rule Changes:

All thirteen Class Rule Changes were approved.  Although they have been approved by the Members at the AGM, the next step is for the changes to be approved by World Sailing. This process will take a few months. The Class Rule changes if approved will come into effect on January 1, 2023.

  • To review the Class Rule Changes, go here.

2024 Optimist Championships:

We received six bids to host the 2024 Optimist World Championship and 3 bids to host the European Championships. The following events were selected and approved for 2024.

  • 2024 Optimist World Championship – Mar del Plata, ARG – December 5-15th
  • 2024 Optimist European Championship – Club Nautico Marina di Carrara, Italy – June 29 to July 6th
  • 2024 Optimist European Team Racing Championship - Yacht Club de Monaco, Monaco - October 15-30th 
  • 2024 Optimist Asian & Oceanian Championship - Marve Sailing Club, Mumbai, India – Dec 1-8th 
  • 2024 Optimist South American Championship – Ecuador - TBC
  • 2024 Optimist North American Championship – No bids received
  • 2024 Optimist African Championship – No bids Received

2023 Optimist Championships:

The following 2023 IODA Championships were confirmed:

  • 2023 Optimist South American Championship – Arana Paracas Resort, Paracas, Peru, April 15 to 22nd 
  • 2023 Optimist African Championship – Royal Yacht Club M’DiQ, Morocco, May 2 to 9th 
  • 2023 Optimist World Championship – Club Vela Ballena Alegre, Spain, June 11 to 21st 
  • 2023 Optimist North American Championship – Antigua Yacht Club, Antigua – July 2 to 9th 
  • 2023 Optimist European Championship – Nautical Club Thessaloniki, Kalamaria, Greece – July 15 to 22nd 
  • 2023 Optimist European Team Racing Championship – The Royal Loosdrecht, Yacht Club, Loosdrecht, Netherlands – August 25 to 30th 
  • 2023 Optimist Asian & Oceanian Championship – Abu Dhabi Sailing & Yacht Club, Abu Dhabi – October 29 to November 5th 

Election Results:

The following persons were elected by acclamation as Members of the Executive Committee.

  • Sigrid Beckmann, VP Americas
  • Ajay Narang, VP Africa, Asia and Oceania

The following persons were elected as Members of the Technical Committee

  • Jean-Luc Gauthier (FRA), IM
  • Treen (Curly) Morris (IRL), IM
  • Ale Williman, (URG), 1 year term

The following persons were elected by acclamation as Members of the Regatta Committee.

  • Ilker Bayindir (TUR), IRO, IJ
  • Elena Papazoglou (CYP), IRO

And the final item of business was the approval of Beierholm, from Aalborg, Denmark as the auditor for the 2022 IODA Financial Statements.

Other Business:

The member from BAH proposed that under Condition 7.1 c in the North American Championship Conditions that they be allocated 8 spots going forward. This was approved with 6 votes from North American Members


At the conclusion of the AGM, it was announced that S.V. (Bala) Balachander, was resigning as the Treasurer of IODA. He has also retired as a member of the Technical Committee.   

Bala was recognized by President, Kevin Whitcraft, for his 5 years of service as IODA Treasurer between 2017 and 2022. In his role as Treasurer, Bala was a non-voting member of the Executive Committee and contributed greatly to the decisions and direction of the IODA finances.


The Executive Committee would like to thank all our members for sending their representatives to attend the 2022 AGM or providing their Proxies if they were unable to attend.

The feedback, discussion and ideas expressed at the AGM were much appreciated and the Executive Committee has taken all the comments under advisement and will work towards finding solutions to issues of concern.

2023 AGM:

Next year, the AGM will be held during the 2023 Optimist World Championship being held at the Club Vela Ballena Alegre, Spain, from June 11 to 21 where we will be celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Optimist World Championship, the 50th Anniversary of IODA becoming an International Class, and the 75th Anniversary of the birth of the Optimist.  

We hope as many members as possible will join us to celebrate these significant milestones at the AGM in 2023.