News 2021 AGM Summary

2021 AGM Summary

The 2021 IODA Annual General Meeting was held on July 7th in Riva del Garda, ITALY.  

The AGM is the highest authority of the International Optimist Dinghy Association, and the decisions made are very important to the future of the Optimist Class.

The Minutes of the AGM will be written up and once approved for posting by the Executive Committee, they will be posted on the IODA website and shared with all our Members for review.  They will be approved at the 2022 AGM in Turkey.

In General, the summary of decisions from the AGM are as follows:


  • 2020 Annual Report was approved.
  • World Sailing Plaque Fees to increase to $60USD effective immediately was approved
  • Sail Label Fees remain unchanged at $15USD was approved.
  • IODA Subscription Dues changed to $450USD effective January 1, 2022 was approved
  • Spar Label Fees were set at $5 USD for each of the Mast, Boom and Sprit to be paid by the manufacturer, effective January 1, 2022 were approved.
  • Foil Label Fees were set at $5 USD each for the rudder and daggerboard to be paid by the manufacturer effective January 1, 2022 were approved.

Articles, Championship Conditions & Class Rules Changes

  • Fifteen proposals to amend the Articles and Championship conditions from the Executive Committee were approved.
  • Six Class Rule Changes proposed by the Technical Committee were approved
  • Two Proposals from the Member from NED to change the rudder and daggerboard Class Rules were not approved.

IODA Championships Selected

  • 2023 World Championships will be in Club Vela Ballena Alegre, ESP
  • 2023 European Championships will be in Kalamaria, GRE
  • 2023 Asian & Oceanian Championships will be in Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • 2023 South American Championship will be in PER
  • 2023 European Team Racing Championship will be in Lago di Ledro, ITA
  • No bids were received for the North Americans or African Championship


  • Kevin Whitcraft was re-elected as President of IODA.
  • Carmen Casco was re-elected as VP Europe.
  • Ricardo Navarro was re-elected to the Regatta Committee.
  • Andres Peres was re-elected to the Regatta Committee.
  • Olive Parker was elected to the Technical Committee

All details of these decisions and other items will be recorded in the Minutes.

We thank the almost 50 Members for attending the AGM in person and for taking the time during these difficult COVID times to travel to Riva del Garda to contribute to the AGM.   We also received 4 proxies from Members who were unable to attend the meeting.