News 2020 Swedish National Optimist Championships

2020 Swedish National Optimist Championships

The Swedish National Optimist Championships was hosted by the Royal Swedish Yacht Club on August 28 to 30th.  It was the qualifying event for the 2020 Optimist European Championships taking place in Portoroz, Slovenia from October 18 to 25th. 

Despite the COVID-19 limitations, the club was able to summon 170 Opti sailors at their waters Baggensfjarden in Saltsjobaden, close to Stockholm.  The sailors were divided on 7 land bases, sailing in 5 starting groups on 3 different courses. It was quite a challenge, but thanks to the phenonomenal work from all involved it was a success. 

The winds on the final day were quite light and just a few races could be completed.  However, it turned out to be a nice day on the water and opened many opportunities for the sailors to 'hang out' with fellow sailors, despite the fact that they were scattered around on land. The first two days delivered good and fair racing so that the championship could be appointed. 

Here is the link to view a video of the final day,

Here is the link to find the complete results.