News #BeAnOptimist Challenge One Winners

#BeAnOptimist Challenge One Winners

#BeAnOptimist Challenge One has ended. We received several excellent submissions to Challenge One of the #BeAnOptimist Campaign that it was difficult to come down to just five.

As a result, we divided the submissions into two divisions.  The first division was the response to draw, sketch and paint a picture of your Optimist.  The second division was created due to the number of submissions of model Optimists.

We had submissions from HKG, ARG, SUI, USA, URU. GBR, LTH, CZE, NZL, CHI, AUS to name a few.   All of the submissions were excellent, and it was very difficult to select just 5 in each division.   But here they are in alphabetical order by first name:

Division 1 (Draw, Sketch or Paint your Optimist):

  1. Alejo (URU)
  2. Alexandra (HKG)
  3. Andres (CHI)
  4. Clement (CHI)
  5. Eivinn (SUI)

Division 2 (Model your Optimist):

  1. Augustina (ARG)
  2. Boris (SUI)
  3. Joris (NED)
  4. Jose (ARG) 
  5. Tiziano (ARG)

Thanks to all of you who submitted your great work and sharing it with us. It was so great to hear from you.!

The top 5 in each division will receive a Sail Optimist hat!

Check out the IODA Website or Facebook Page for the announcement of #BeAnOptimist Challenge Two!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Keep healthy and safe!