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IODA Race Management Policies

IODA Principal Race Officer
Appointed by IODA for Optimist World and Continental Championship , the IODA PRO is the governing authority over race management and a member of the Race Committee.  Before the event, the IODA PRO assists the Organiser and the local Race Officer on issues related to all aspects of race management. During the event, the IODA PRO works in close proximity with the local Race Officer to ensure that all decisions taken on race management procedures follow the same criteria at all IODA events.  

The local Race Officer will be responsible for managing the race management team and organising the races. The local Race Officer will not take action in relation to any of the following matters (whether or not altered by the sailing instructions) without approval of the IODA PRO:

  • Postponement (rule 27.3)
  • Course selection, location,  configuration and race duration;
  • Whether a starting line be moved or adjusted (rule 27.2);
  • Starting line decisions (OCS and recalls (rule 29), or starting penalties (UFD/RRS30.3 or BFD/RRS 30.4));
  • Changing course/ moving marks – adjusting the course to a new wind strength or direction (rule 33);
  • Abandoning (RRS 27.3, 32 and 35);
  • Determination of finishing position;
  • Corrections due to scoring errors (Item 15);
  • Requesting redress on behalf of a boat;
  • Protesting a boat;
  • Imposing a penalty;
  • Amending the Sailing Instructions or Notice of Race;
  • Racing areas to be used; and
  • Schedule and Racing Format

IODA Course Representative (CR)
Only at World Championships does IODA appoint a Course Representative  in addition to IODA PRO. At the World Championship IODA PRO and IODA CR will jointly share responsibility.   


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IODA Race Management Policies

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