In recent years IODA has changed the racing format. Now, World and all Continental Championship have a qualifying series followed by a final series. This implies some important characteristics for the scoring:

  • The ranking for each race will have multiple 1sts, 2nds, etc. and no average is applied.
  • Points for DNF, DSQ, etc. are equal to the largest possible number of sailors in the fleet.
  • Discretional penalties could be applied.

To score races with characteristics described above, the software must include certain features that allow the correct configuration.

There are a number of scoring programs in the market that comply with the requisites for IODA regattas. However, if organisers do not have a software of their choice (of which they have sound knowledge) we recommend the use of Sailwave or St Pete. The reason for this recommendation is that the IODA Secretariat can provide help in case organisers find themselves in trouble during an event.

There are available a set of instructions to set up an IODA regatta from scratch in both programs:

  • Sailwave (need to be updated)
  • St Pete (no available yet)

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