Official Representatives, Proxies, Substitutes and  Observers - Appointments

In accordance with Articles 13(h) and (i), "The name of the official representative and his proxy, if any, shall be received by the Secretariat or delivered to the Executive Committtee in writing four (4) days prior to the opening of the Annual General Meeting.  A member can appoint, if special circumstances arise, a substitue for the entered representative.  The name of the substitute shall be given in writing to the President or another member of the Executive Committee present, prior to the opening of the Annual General Meeting."

In accordance with Article 3, ' a Member shall be fully paid up at least four (4) days before the first day of the AGM' in order to exercise it's rights as identified in Article 3 b) iii) to: 'Vote at the AGM; and to iv) Submit or hold a proxy vote from another puly paid up Member.'

See below the difference between Official Representatives, Proxies, Substitutes and Observers and the way to appoint each of them.

Official Representative

Usually known as Country Representative, is the person appointed by the IODA member (National Class Association) as their representative at the AGM. They have the right to speak and vote. Their name shall be sent to the IODA Secretariat at by email preferably before the official arrival day of the World Championship or in writing four (4) days prior to the opening of the Annual General Meeting

In most of the cases this person is registered as the third adult member of the delegation (the three adults are: coach, team leader, country representative). When a member has registered one of the adults of the delegation as the Country Representative, this adult will be considered as the official Country Representative of that member, unless the Secretariat is informed of a different appointment.

When the Country Representative is not registered as part of the delegation, the member shall send the required appointment as explained above. The same happens when the Team Leader attends the meeting as the Country Representative: the IODA member shall inform the Secretariat about this.


When an IODA member cannot appoint a Country Representative of their own, they can ask another IODA member to vote on their behalf. To do so, they give a proxy to the Country Representative of the other IODA member. Proxies shall be informed to the IODA Secretariat by email at or in writing no later than four (4) days prior to the opening of the AGM. A Country Representative from a given IODA member can hold a maximum of one proxy. You can download the form online and send to the Secretariat to inform IODA of a proxy given.

IMPORTANT: proxies shall be given only to Country Representatives already appointed by their members. A person who is not a Country Representative for any member cannot hold a proxy. Members who would like to be represented at an AGM shall appoint a Country Representative or ask another member that have appointed a Country Representative to hold a proxy for them.


When a person appointed as Country Representative cannot attend one or more sessions of the AGM, he/she can appoint a substitute, who shall be present at the AGM as his/her replacement. To appoint a substitute, the Country Representative shall approach the Secretariat and hand in the temporary appointment in writing. The Substitute has the same rights as the Country Representative, only during the session for which he/she has been appointed. If the Country Representative holds a proxy, the substitute will hold the proxy as well. A person who has not been appointed as substitute before the relevant session starts will be considered an observer.


Is a person that can attend the AGM but has no right to speak or vote. Each member can have up to two observers, provided that one of them is the Team Leader of the delegation. The other observer shall be appointed in the same way as a Country Representative is.


04 Jan 2023

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