News The Use of Electronic Compasses

The Use of Electronic Compasses

QUESTION: Is the use of Electronic Compasses allowed?

ANSWER: Note: Class Rule (d) A compass and associated fittings, which shall all be removable for weighing the hull. A compass may include a timing device. An electronic timing device is permitted. No electronic devices other than those required or permitted by an Organizing Authority and/ or IODA in the Notice of Race and/or Sailing Instructions, shall be permitted on board when racing.

The use of electronic compass are permitted if the compass does not have a memory. IODA Class Rules are "Closed Class Rules", i.e. Rule 1.2 applies: The Optimist is a One-Design Class Dinghy. Except where these rules specifically permit variations, boats of this class shall be alike in hull form, construction, weight and weight distribution, rigging spars and sail plan. Note: In deciding whether an item is permitted it should be noted that, in a One-Design Class, unless the rules specifically state that something is permitted it shall be assumed to be prohibited.

Interpretation: Class Rule (d) permits a compass which includes a timing device but does not permit a recording device. Therefore, simple digital compass with no recording or memory is permitted.


Technical Committee, March 2023