News Santino Marcatelli (ARG) is 2018 South American Champion as Stephan Baker (USA) wins Overall

Santino Marcatelli (ARG) is 2018 South American Champion as Stephan Baker (USA) wins Overall

Three races were completed for the Gold, Silver and Bronze fleets in light to moderate conditions on the final day of the 2018 South American Championship hosted by the Yacht Club Uruguayo, in Montevideo, URG. Racing was close in the Gold Fleet between the top two sailors, each winning a race on the final day. 

Stephan Baker(USA), dominated the championship from beginning to end.  His worst race was 3rd place for a total point score of 11 with a drop. Baker, the 2017 North American Champion takes his second IODA Championship overall title here at the 2018 South American Championship. He was awarded top boy regardless of his continent of residence. Baker was also the 2017 Winner of the Lake Garda Optimist Meeting, that is currently taking place in Lake Garda this weekend.  

The top three sailors without gender distinction whose IODA member is South American were Santino Marcatelli (ARG) in 2nd place overall, followed by Lorenzo Balestrin (BRA) in 3rd and Santiago Pacheco (URU) in 4th overall.  As a result, Santino Marcatelli (ARG) becomes the 2018 South American Champion and was awarded the perpetual trophy.  

The top 5 girls regardless of their residence were Maria Gracia (PER) in 9th overall, followed by Laura Hamilton (USA) in 16th,  Florencia Chiarell (PER) , the 2017 South American Champion in 20th , Rafaela Salvatore (CHI) in 22nd and Sofia Faria (BRA) in 26th overall.

Maria Gracia( PER) also wins top girl whose IODA member is from South America.

PER was awarded the 2018 South American Team Racing Championship. No place for 2nd or 3rd was awarded this year.

In the Nations Cup, USA1 was awarded the gold, followed by USA 2 with the silver and ISV with the bronze.

The Awards Ceremony concluded with the traditional passing of the IODA flag from the URU host team to the CHI team who will be hosting the 2019 South American Championship.

Many thanks to the organizing committee and all of the many volunteers who worked so hard to make the event a success.  

For additional information and the results for all three fleets, visit the event website,