News Notice to Members - Sail Numbers

Notice to Members - Sail Numbers

As per World Sailing RRS Appendix G, we can no longer permit Digital Numbers at IODA events.  Please note to be compliant with WS RRS’s this will be enforced for all events in 2019.

Please refer to World Sailing Racing Rules Question and Answer Service L001 Q&A 2018.004 dated 13, August 2018:  

NOTE:  August 25, 2022 WS update:   Q&A 2022.008 can be found here 


Rule G 1.2 requires the use of a commercially available typeface giving the same or better legibility than Helvetica for sail numbers.  Do sail numbers in digital font comply with rule G1.2(a)?


No.  When considered one by one, sail numbers in digital font are clearly legible.  However, when applied to both sides of a sail, they may create confusion, therefore they do not comply with rule G1.2(a).

The Technical Committee will continue to work for a solution for the class on this going forward.

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