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For the second year in a row Switzerland's Gstaad Yacht Club won this international event, with 10 nations from three continents.

Extracted from a report provided by the Yacht Club Monaco. Edited by IODA.

Organised in cooperation with Eventica Communications, FxPro and Slam, who awarded the first three teams with sports clothing, Monaco Optimist Team Racing attracted 12 teams of four sailors each racing on brand new Optimists supplied by Erplast. Entering this championship for the first time were young sailors from Vladivostok (Russia), Argentina and Tanzania. 'I never knew it could be so cold on the water, being used to sailing on seas of 32°! It's the first time we've been out of Tanzania and it was a truly unforgettable experience.' said Tanzanian sailor Imamu Saidi Sahala.

Sixty six races were held over three days, in varied wind conditions of 5 to 20 knots from both East and West. The Swiss Gstaad Yacht Club dominated this edition winning 11 out of the 12 races they sailed in.

There was great satisfaction among the Monaco team members who climbed to a worthy third place, right behind Argentina. 'We are very happy with the result. Sailing at this level, against sailors who are used to racing in top events [Optimist World Championship, European team racing championship, etc], it is the solidarity, consistency and determination to do well that took us onto the third step of the podium just two points behind the Argentinians. Our young team showed a maturity that forecasts great results in the future,' commented Thomas Champion, Optimist Competition Team Coach at the YCM.

Apart from the competition, sailors enjoyed social activities that were organised to promote friendship and raise their awareness of life in the sea. Sailors visited the Oceanographic Museum and were taken on a trip on Senso One, the multi-record breaking 43metre mono-hull. The YCM are working hard to promote the team race format which, as in the words of Bernard d'Alessandri, Secretary General of the YCM: 'brings out the true values of this noble sport, putting the emphasis on team spirit and the honour of representing one's club and nation. This discipline is very much a part of the sports and educational policy of the Yacht Club de Monaco. I am sure that this regatta will be an experience on which this young generation can build the future!'

Final Ranking

1st - Gstaad Yacht Club (SUI)

  • Wolf van Cauwenberghe
  • Romain Defferrard
  • Florian Fahrni
  • Damian Suri
  • Coach : Thomas Suri

2nd - Yacht Club Argentino (ARG)

  • Felipe Consentino
  • Ivan Arenguren
  • Martin Arroyo Verdi
  • Ramiro Consentino
  • Coach : Ana Zapiola

3rd - Yacht Club de Monaco (MON)

  • Alexander Minder
  • Andrea Caretta
  • Arnaud Postifferi
  • Alexander Ilsley
  • Coach: Thomas Champion

4th - Yacht Club Italiano (ITA)

5th - Norddeutsher Regatta Verein (GER)

6th - Club des Sports Nautiques de Kelibia (TUN)

7th - Royal Cork Yacht Club (IRL)

8th - Seven Feet Yacht Club (RUS)

9th - Circolo della Vela Sicilia (ITA)

10th - IODA of Tanzania (TAN)

11th - Saint Petersburg Sea Yacht Club-Sealand (RUS)

12th - Bruxelles Royal Yacht Club (BEL)