News May 1st is Deadline for 2021 Bids - Revised Bid Document

May 1st is Deadline for 2021 Bids - Revised Bid Document

Hosting an IODA Championship can provide a huge legacy to your Optimist Program.  Whether it is buying new Optimists at a discounted rate, or hosting a training clinic or seminar to boost expertise in your area, or simply just getting your young sailors excited about hosting kids from all over the world, organizing an IODA Championship can be instrumental in helping you build your Optimist Program in your area. Help create a memourable Opti experience for your sailors in this once in a lifetime opportunity and bid for one of our championships in 2021!

The deadline to bid for a 2021 IODA Championship is May 1, 2019.   

The Bid Document that is to be submitted to the IODA Secretariat has recently been updated.  Please use this bid document for submission to IODA on May 1, 2019.    The Revised Bid Document is available at the following link: 

To find out more information on How to bid for an IODA Championship, go to the following link so that you can download all of the relevent documents.

To find out when the AGM will be taking place and when the bidders are to present their bid to the Members, please refer to the schedule that can be found at the following link.

Feel free to contact the IODA Secretariat at  if you have any questions or would like any additional information.