News May 1st - Deadline to Submit Bids to Host a 2023 IODA Championship

May 1st - Deadline to Submit Bids to Host a 2023 IODA Championship

The soft legacy that hosting an IODA Championship can bring to your Optimist program is considerable. It brings energy and excitement to the Opti sailors in your country and region.  It invigorates your Optimist Program because the sailors get excited about the opportunity of hosting and competing in a major Optimist Event where sailors from all over your region get the chance to compete together.   Hosting an Optimist World Championship brings sailors from upwards of 60 nations together.

It is the IODA Members who decide who hosts our Continental and World Championships at the IODA AGM each year.   If you would like to bid to host an IODA Championship,  the deadline to submit a bid to host a 2023 Optimist Continental or Optimist World Championship is May 1st.   

To find out more about How to Bid for an IODA Championship, go here.

As part of the bidding process, you are required to submit the Bid Form to Host and IODA Champiosnhip located on the IODA Website. It be downloaded here.  

The Championship Conditions are the rules of how an IODA Championship is run.  They can be found in the 2021 IODA Handbook that can be downloaded here. 

The IODA Regatta Manual is also a very important resource to help you understand the operations of running one of our Championships. It is located here.

Although it might seem a bit daunting to host an IODA Championship, we are here to help you. If you have any specific questions on how to host an IODA Championship or to bid for one, please contact Susan Elliot Beatty, the IODA Regatta Secretary.  Her email is