News MAY 1st - Bid Deadline to Host a 2020 IODA Championship

MAY 1st - Bid Deadline to Host a 2020 IODA Championship

Hosting an IODA Event is a great way to energize and grow Optimist sailing in your area.   The legacy that it provides you can be significant whether it is a hard legacy such as boats and equipment or a soft legacy such as increased volunteer engagement, improved race management or measurement skills, or just getting more kids sailing the Optimist dinghy. 

The benefit of hosting a continental championship is that the host nation is allowed to enter a signficant number of sailors that can have a huge spin-off effect of increased participation of optimist sailing before and after the event takes place.  Sailors from the host nation get the advantage of sailing on home waters as well.

IODA's goal is to provide the 'Opti-Experience' for as many sailors as possible throughout the world.  There is something very special about representing your country and meeting new friends from all over the world.  Staying together in the same accommodation, eating together, hanging out waiting for wind, and parading with your team in the opening ceremonies are what makes the Optimist class so special.   We call it the 'Opti-Experience"!

If you are interested in submitting a bid to host one of IODA Events in 2010,  the bid deadline is fast approaching.   May 1st is the deadline for submissions of your bid to host the following IODA Events:

2020 African Championship

2020 Asian & Oceanian Championship

2020 European Championship

2020 European Team Racing Championship

2020 North American Championship

2020 South American Championship

2020 World Championship

To find out more about the IODA Event Bid Process, go to  where you will find the Bid Document.  Download the 2018 IODA Handbook as it has all of the World Championship and Continental Conditions as well as the IODA Regatta Manual.  These two documents will provide you detailed information on how to host one of our events. 

If you have any specific questions or would like additional informaiton, please contact