News IODA Launches Paperless Online Measurement System

IODA Launches Paperless Online Measurement System

IODA recently launched its new Paperless Online Measurement System at the 2019 Europeans, replacing the cumbersome paper process that has been used for many years.

Reducing the amount of paper at our events is a major goal for IODA.  Over the past few years, we have moved to IODA Event Microsites which incorporates a digital Official Notice Board as part of this strategy.   At our events, all of our notices and results are now online. The Paperless Measurement System in completely integrated into our event Microsites so that the data entry of the sailors is avalable for use. 

Introducing the Paperless Online Measurement System is an important part of this strategy to reduce paperwork, increase efficiencies and improve communication with our sailors, teams and Members. Through the use of tablets,  we now have the ability to gather information on our class, from the types of boats at our championships to what sails are being used, to the type of Opti products being used by various sailors.  This data is important for the future development and growth of the class.

Olive Parker, Chair of the Technical Committee comments, "Following successful testing of the new Paperless Measurement System in SAMS we were delighted to go "Live" with the Paperless Measurement System for the Europeans.  This new online system will make life so much easier for team leaders and coaches not to mention the sailors themselves when the come into the measurement tent at our IODA Events.

This is Phase one of a two phase programme and we are excited to see how sailors/coaches/team leaders feel about the system.  We are hoping to then progress to PDF copies of all measurement certificates in the future.  This is a giant step for IODA to reduce our carbon footprint and minimise waste, saving 100's of pages of paper this year."

IODA also introduced the IODA APP at three of our events this year.   It was successfully implemented and tested at the SAMS in Chile and was fully operational at the recent European Championship in France.   The IODA APP will be our main communication channel at the World Championship in Antigua.  We anticipate that it will be well received and used by the many family and friends and Optimist enthusiats from the 65 nations competing in the championship.