News IODA Committee Meetings - Planning for the Future & Other News

IODA Committee Meetings - Planning for the Future & Other News

The IODA Executive Committee, Regatta Committee and Technical Committee held their Mid-Year Meetings recently to plan their near and long terms goals and activities for the class in the coming year.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee's 3-day meeting covered a number of items and topics. Continued work on the Strategic Plan set the framework for the priorities of the organization in the near and longer term. Development will be a focus of IODA going forward as we work with our partner, the Asian Sailing Federation (ASAF) in that region.

The Executive Committee discussed a new delivery system for our IODA Coaching Clinics that we will be working on over the coming months.

A new Sustainability Partnership and education program initiative was presented that will be introduced this year to our Members. We will also be introducing sustainability initiatives at our IODA Events.

IODA is concerned about the safeguarding of our sailors in the class. The Executive Committee has confirmed the introduction of an IODA Code of Conduct this year. The new code for sailors and adults will be introduced in 2020 to our Members as well as implemented at our IODA events.

Managing the finances of IODA is a major role of the Executive Committee. They reviewed the 2019 Financials in preparation of the audit, as well as approved the 2020 Budget.

Financially, the focus this year will be in a number of key areas: our IODA Championships; Optimist manufacturing; and more importantly, developing and promoting the class to a broader base while seeking class sponsors to help us reach a wider Optimist community.

The Executive Committee also confirmed the AGM location in Riva del Garda and revised the AGM programme. They also confirmed the date of the 2020 AGM to take place on Wednesday, July 8th. Information on registration and proxy votes will be posted on the IODA Website in the coming weeks.

And finally, the Executive Committee reviewed their proposals to change the Articles of Association and Championship Conditions as per Article 17.


Regatta Committee

Our IODA Championships continue to be a focus of the organization as part of our goal to provide low cost racing for young sailors.

The Regatta Committee under the leadership of Chair, Ricardo Navarro, focuses on the current and future IODA Championships to ensure that they are delivered in accordance with the Championship Conditions and Regatta Manual.

At it's meeting, the Regatta Committee confirmed the technical official assignments and personnel required for each championship. They also reviewed changes to the Regatta Manual and other event documents.

The planning for all the 2020 Events are on track. The Event Microsites and NOR's are in place except for the NAM's NOR which is scheduled to be completed late February. The online entry for the NAMS is scheduled to open after April 1st.

Tracking has been confirmed for the South Americans, Asians, Europeans and World Championships. This is a service that is important for our sailors, the coaches, as well as families and friends who cannot attend our IODA Events. Tracking can be viewed on the Event Microsite and/or on the event APP. Last year the Worlds and Europeans were the 2nd and 3rd most watched Trac Trac sailing events.

Each IODA Championship will have an online APP in addition to the event microsite, as our attempt to broaden our reach to families, friends and Opti fans around the world. This is also part of IODA's sustainability strategy to reduce paper and use technology to gain efficiencies in communicating and promoting the class to a wider Optimist community.

The Regatta Committee also discussed it's plans to restore the historical IODA Championships results and content on the IODA Website in the coming year.

The Regatta Committee also reviewed their proposed changes to the Championship Conditions as per Article 17.


Technical Committee

The Technical Committee, under the leadership of Chair, Olive Parker, discussed several issues in their meetings.

They will continue their mould inspection program with our builders this year as well as continue their fundamental measurement checks of hulls at the European and World Championships. These measures are to ensure the integrity of the one-design nature of the class and to identify if there are any issues that they need to address.

The Technical Committee discussed the results of a recent builder survey that has provided input and ideas on future building practices of the Optimist with a goal of achieving sustainable manufacturing.

The Technical Committee will continue to implement and enhance the Paperless Measurement at our IODA Events as part of IODA's sustainability strategy. They are also investigating the use of digital measurement forms and registration books in the future.

The Technical Committee is planning on introducing a Q&A link on the IODA Website to provide Members and sailors with Class Rule interpretations and notices.

The 2020 Class Rules have now been approved by World Sailing and will be posted shortly on the IODA Website.

The Technical Committee spent a considerable amount of time discussing new Class Rule Changes to be presented at the 2020 AGM. As per Article 16, the deadline for proposals for Class Rule changes is February 15th.


2020 World Championship Entry Deadline

With 5 months to go, 30 countries have already registered for the 2020 Optimist World Championships taking place in Lake Garda, July 1-11th. It is estimated that at this rate, the entry activity is tracking to be the largest Optimist Worlds, beating last years record of 65 nations in Antigua.

Don't miss out on sending a team to the 2020 Worlds. The First Entry Stage deadline is set for February 15, 2020. Click here for the link to the NOR for all the details on how to register.

Please note that the late payment surcharge of 20% will apply for all late payments as per the rules of the Notice of Race unless a special arrangement is made directly with the Event Organizer of the host venue.

To enter a team, don't forget to use your new 2020 Password in the Online Entry System. If you have not received your new password, contact Fiona Kidd at

If you have any inquiries regarding online entry, contact Susan Elliot Beatty at


2010 IODA Europeans / Asian & Oceanians

The First Entry Deadlines for two additional IODA Championships are fast approaching, so mark your calendars if you want to register your team.

  • 2020 Europeans - February 20th
  • 2020 Asian & Oceanians - extended from February 15 to February 20th

Remember that there is a late payment surcharge of 20% applied to all late payments as per the rules of the NOR of each Championship unless a special arrangement is made directly with the Event Organizer of the host venue.

To find the NOR for the 2020 Europeans, click here.

To find the NOR for the 2020 Asian & Oceanians, click here.


2020 Subscription Dues

The invoices for your 2020 Subscription Dues were sent out in January to the IODA Member's main contact person.  If you have not paid them, please do so today!

There was an issue with the online credit card system on the initial invoices that has been resolved. Please ask for the invoice to be sent again if you would like to pay online with a credit card.

If you are paying by wire transfer, please reference the Invoice # on the transfer. Also please note that you are responsible for your wire banking fees, so please do not deduct your fees from the amount owing to IODA.

In addition, if you have not paid the 2019 Subscription Dues, please do so immediately.

To inquire about your Subscription Dues or have not received an invoice, please contact Fiona Kidd at