News 2018 IODA Handbook is Now Online

2018 IODA Handbook is Now Online

The IODA Handbook includes the Articles of Association and Championship Conditions that govern how the Optimist Class is managed.  Along with the Class Rules, these two documents are essential to why the Optimist Class has been so successful over the years.  

All decisions that are made throughout the organization from the Executive Committee to the Technical and Regatta Commitees as well as in the Secretariat are guided by the IODA Articles of Association and Championship Condiitons.

IODA is proud of the seven events hosted each year by so many incredible organizations and volunteers.  The Championship Conditions are the rules and regulations as to how those events are to be organized. This provides consistancy across all events so that every Optimist sailor who participates in an IODA event can have a similar 'Opti' experience.  All Continental events with the exception of the European Team Racing Championship are very similar in format and length of programme.  They all use the 'athletes village' concept and provide charter boats, so that all of the Optimist Teams who are eligible can participate, while at the same time offering top level competive racing and an experience that enables them to make lifelong friends. 

Changes to the Articles and Championship Conditions can only be made by the Members and the Executive.  Note that January 15th of each year is the deadline for submitting proposals to change the Articles & Championship Conditions.   These proposals are then circulated to the membership in March and are voted on at the next AGM. In 2018, the IODA AGM will take place at the World Championship in Cyprus. 

The 2018 Handbook includes all of the changes that were approved at the 2017 AGM. The changes are identified in red type.

The IODA Handbook is an essential document for all Members, sailors, coaches and team leaders who are involved in the Optimist Class. 




14 Dec 2017

IODA Handbook 2018

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