News 2015 South American Champion

2015 South American Champion

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Paracas, Peru

Saturday 18th

Final Results can be found HERE

Congratulations to all Sailors for a great regatta!

1. ARG Juan Ignacio  2. ISV Teddy Nicolosi  3.  USA Thomas Hall   4. CHI Benjamin Fuenzalida Court  5.  ARG Dante Cittadini

Top Girl:  11.  USA Emma Cowles


Friday 17th

The results after 7 races can be viewed HERE

There was no Paraca*, but it was close!!

Today the wind appeared early but not as early to be able to start the races at the scheduled time (the SI had been amended yesterday to be able to start the races at 11:00) and Delta flag was up only at 11:30. What began as a light breeze increased its strength and before the start of the second race the wind was already blowing at 22 knots. The Race Committee decided to abandon the second race for the red fleeters, who are the less experienced sailors.

Fleets Yellow and Blue completed both races of the day.

On shore, everybody celebrated three birthdays: one of Matías Capizzano, photographer of the event, and the others of Lihuel Gómez Lacchini and Juan Francisco Pirone. Happy Birthday to all of them!!

Two DSQ (one in each race of the day) took Tiago Quevedo, leader of the regatta up to today, to the 14th place. The first place now belongs to Juan Ignacio Queirel, from Argentina, followed by Nicolás Radovitzky, from Uruguay, and Benjamín Fuenzalida, from Chile.

There are two races scheduled for tomorrow, starting at 11:00, so that the championship will have 9 sailed races, except for the Red fleet, which will finish with 8 races. The Closing Ceremony has been announced for 1900.

 *The Paraca is a strong wind that blows from the desert to the sea, accompanied by a cloud of sand and dust that can be seen from the sea as it moves forward.

No hubo Paraca*, pero casi.

El viento amaneció temprano en la Bahía de Paracas, pero no lo suficiente como para poder largar a la hora programada (ayer se había publicado una modificación a las Instrucciones, para poder largar las regatas a las 11:00) y la bandera Delta se izó recién a las 11:30. La brisa comenzó a aumentar en intensidad mientras se corría la primera regata y antes de la largada de la segunda ya soplaban 22 nudos. La Comisión de Regata decidió entonces anular la regata para la flota roja, en la que compiten los timoneles con menos experiencia. Las flotas amarilla y azul completaron las dos regatas del día.

Al regreso a tierra se festejaron tres cumpleaños: el de Matías Capizzano, fotógrafo del campeonato, y el de los competidores Lihuel Gómez Lacchini y Juan Francisco Pirone. Hubo torta para todos :) ¡Feliz cumpleaños a los tres!

Dos descalificados (uno en cada regata del día) llevaron a Tiago Quevedo, líder del campeonato hasta el momento, al décimo cuarto lugar, de manera que ahora lidera las posiciones Juan Ignacio Queirel, de Argentina, seguido por Nicolás Radovitzky, de Uruguay, y Benjamín Fuenzalida, de Chile.

Para mañana hay dos regatas más programadas, de manera de finalizar el torneo con 9 regatas corridas (excepto la flota roja, que finalizará con 8). La ceremonia de clausura está anunciada para las 1900.

*La Paraca es un viento fuerte que viene del desierto hacia el mar, acompañado de una nube de arena y tierra que se ve desde el mar a medida que avanza.




Thursday 16th

There has been an amendment to the Sailing Instructions for tomorrow:  You can view it HERE

Today was a spare day.  


Wednesday 15th

The 2015 South American Team Race Champions are 1. ARG  2. BRA  3. CHI.

The final grid for the 2015 SAM's Team Race Championship can be found HERE

The Nations Cup is won by 1. USA1  2. ISV  3. USA2. 

The final grid for the Nations Cup can be found HERE

Teams for the 2015 South American Team Race Championship can be found here


Tuesday 14th

The wind was late to fill in and only one race was achieved today,  bringing the total to five. Tomorrow sees  a change of pace from fleet racing with the Team Race event - both the Optimist South American Team Race Championship and the Optimist Nation's Cup are in contention. 

Results after 5 Races


Monday 13th

Another day with superb sailing conditions for the sailors in Paracas. The wind settled a bit later than usual and Delta flag had to be displayed at 1230. With constant 13 knots of wind, both races were completed without major problems, however, this time there were a number of sailors who had to be qualified as UFD because they had been on the course side on the last minute before the start. In the first race of the day, 20 were the boats with UFD and in the second, 2.
So far, the judges have no work on shore, as there have been no protests. However, there were nearly a dozen yellow flags displayed according to Appendix P.
After four races, the overall leader is Tiago Quevedo, from Brasil, with 3 bullets and a second, adding up to 5 points. Following him and tied in 9 points are Benjamín Fuenzalida (first after yesterday’s races) and Teddy Nicolosi from ISV. Queirel, second overall after yesterday’s races, have dropped to the 4th place with 10 points.
Among the girls, twin sisters Emma and Carmen Cowles dominate the fleet, with Carmen in 11th position and Emma in 13th.

Otro día de excelentes condiciones de navegación para los competidores en Paracas. El viento se estableció más tarde, por lo que la bandera delta recién se izó a las 1230 hrs. Con vientos estables de 13 nudos las dos regatas se completaron sin mayores problemas, aunque esta vez sí hubo barcos clasificados como UFD por estar del lado del recorrido en el minuto anterior a la partida: 20 en la primera y 2 en la segunda.
Por ahora, no hay trabajo en tierra para los jueces, ya que no hubo protestas, aunque sí se sacaron banderas amarillas por regla 42.
Con cuatro regatas completadas lidera las posiciones Tiago Quevedo, de Brasil, acumulando 5 puntos: 3 primeros y un segundo. Lo siguen Benjamín Fuenzalida (primero con las dos regatas de ayer) y Teddy Nicolosi, de Islas Vírgenes, ambos empatados en 9 puntos. Queirel, que ayer estaba segundo, pasó al 4to lugar, acumulando 10 puntos.
Entre las niñas, las gemelas Cowles de USA siguen liderando su flota, con Carmen en 11vo lugar y Emma en 13ro.

Results after 4 races

Sunday 12th

All the delegations are already in Paracas, wondering what the championship will bring to them. Officially, the event started yesterday but the formal inauguration will be today with the Opening Ceremony.

The first delegation to arrive in Paracas was Ecuador with 14 competitors, who arrived on Sunday 5th to take the most out of a full week of training. The rest of the countries: Chile, Argentina, Bermuda, USA, Uruguay, Brasil, Colombia, México and Paraguay, arrived throughout the week, and today we welcomed the team from US Virgin Islands, and of course the local Peruvian sailors.

The brand-new venue of the Yacht Club Peruano in Paracas bustles with the presence of 153 competitors, 35 officials and several authorities and members of the organising committee, in addition to accompanying parents and supporters.

Meaurement finishes today, followed by the team leaders meeting, practice race and Opening ceremony at the end of the afternoon.

The first official race takes place on Sunday, April 12.

For Photos:

Event website


14 Apr 2015

Results after 4 races

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