BOYS     GIRLS    
1 DEN 7954 Winner USA 12812 Charter
2 BRA 3036 Charter SWE 4014 Osis
3 ESP 822 Charter ESP 1274 Charter
4 GRE 2992 Charter ITA 6804 Nordest
5 BER 1189 Charter DEN 7800 Osis
6 ITA 6718 Nordest BER 1128 Charter
7 CRO 900 Winner ITA 6855 Winner
8 RUS 6 Finessa GRE 623 Finessa
9 PER 280 Charter GER 11613 Ziba
10 NED 2597 Nordest SWE 4023 Osis
11 SWE 4011 Osis GRE 1495 Charter
12 FRA 1621 Winner CRO 943 Nautivela
13 ESP 998 Charter NED 2509 Van Wettum
14 MLT 103 Charter NED 2645 Van Wettum
15 DEN 7830 Opti-X China SWE 4070 OS Båtar
16 GRE 252 Nordest GER 11336 Ziba
17 FRA 1521 Erplast ITA 6701 Nautivela
18 ESP 1112 Charter IRL 1153 Charter
19 ITA 6427 Faccenda CRO 911 Nautivela
20 CRO 858 Winner GRE 1527 Finessa
If you came to this page looking to see which make of Optimist is fastest then you will be disappointed!

The table shows the hulls used by the top 20 boys and girls at the 2005 IODA European Championship. 13 used charter boats from Polish builder Sail-Center, supplied by the organisers.

The 27 hulls used by the others came from 11 different builders.


Because it proves yet again that it is the sailor, not the boat, which wins in the Optimist Class: you CAN NOT buy a boat which is faster than the others. So:

  • You can charter with confidence. Over a third of the fleet did. If it is cheaper to bring your own Optimist, do. If it isn't, don't worry - the charter boat will be just like the one at home.

  • No research is necessary. There is no better Optimist than the one you are sailing. And no amount of money will buy you one.

  • You can buy from a builder near you. Over half the non-charter fleet sailed Optimists made either in their own country or an immediately neighbouring one.

  • If you didn't do well you can't blame your gear. Either you sailed well or you didn't.

    IODA is grateful to the measurement team in Gdynia who supplied the above data.

  • Last Updated on 17/7/05
    By Robert Wilkes