Administrative Handbook


The IODA Administrative Handbook contains

  • The Articles of Association, which states the rules about how the association is to be run and;
  • The Conditions for IODA events, which are the rules governing the selection of venues, entry and organisation of IODA events

The Handbook is issued every year after the Annual General Meeting, and it includes all the changes that might have been approved therein. Below you'll find the links to the current and past editions as well as to the amendment sheets with details of the amendments approved each year.



  • Size:
  • 299KB
  • Version:
  • 2011/2012
  • Effective date:
  • 30th January 2012



Handbook 2011

  • Size:
  • 295KB


Handbook 2009

  • Size:
  • 316KB


Handbook 2008

  • Size:
  • 524KB


Handbook 2007

  • Size:
  • 232KB


Handbook 2006

  • Size:
  • 56KB


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