According to article 13 of the Articles of Association:

  • The Annual General Meeting is the highest authority of IODA.
  • The Annual General Meeting is formed by the official representatives of Members present or the appointed substitutes.
  • The Annual General Meeting is to be held each year in connection with the Optimist World Championship.



Programme and Agenda

The meeting consists of one or more sessions, the schedule of which is published by the Secretariat. During the World Championship the Executive Committee also organise meetings of the representatives of the different continents. These meetings are included in the programme too. Click on the links beolw for a standard version of the full programme of meetings and/or the programme for the current year (when available).


The Agenda for the meeting is circulated by the Secretariat to all member countries on or before May 15 of the relevant year. (The date might vary on years when the World Championship does not take place in July / August)

The content of the agenda varies from year to year but they generally include:

  • Introduction from the President
  • Technical and Regatta Committee's reports
  • Report on financial status and budget
  • Proposals from the Executive Committee
  • Proposals to amend Class Rules
  • Proposals from Members
  • Confirmation of venues for next year's Worlds and Continentals
  • Selection of venues for two years after the year of the AGM
  • Election of members of the Technical, Regatta and Executive Committees



Official Representatives, Proxies, Substitutes and Observers - Appointments

In accordance with Articles 13(g), (i), and (i), the name of the official representative at the meeting, his proxy (if any), substitute (if any) and observer (if any) shall be received by the Secretariat or delivered to the Executive Committee in writing prior to the opening of the Annual General Meeting.

In accordance with Article 3 a member who has not paid his annual subscription by 1st June of the year previous to the year of the AGM cannot vote.

See below the difference between Official Representatives, Proxies, Substitutes and Observers and the way to appoint each of them.

Official Representative

Usually known as Country Representative, is the person appointed by the IODA member (National Class Association) as their representative at the AGM. They have the right to speak and vote. Their name shall be sent to the IODA Secretariat by email preferably before the official arrival day of the World Championship or in writing prior to the opening of the Annual General Meeting (usually up to one hour before the start of the first session).

In most of the cases this person is registered as the third adult member of the delegation (the three adults are: coach, team leader, country representative). When a member have registered one of the adults of the delegation as Country Representative, this adult will be considered as the official Country Representative of that member, unless the Secretariat is informed of a different appointment.

When the Country Representative is not registered as part of the delegation, the member shall send the required appointment as explained above. The same happens when the Team Leader attends the meeting as Country Representative: the IODA member shall inform the Secretariat about this.


When an IODA member cannot appoint a Country Representative of their own, they can ask another IODA member to vote on their behalf. To do so, they give a proxy to the Country Representative of the other IODA member. Proxies shall be informed to the IODA Secretary prior to the AGM. A Country Representative from a given IODA member can hold a maximum of one proxy. You can download the form below and send to the Secretariat to inform IODA of a proxy given.

Download form

IMPORTANT: proxies shall be given only to Country Representatives already appointed by their members. A person who is not a Country Representative for any member cannot hold a proxy. Members who would like to be represented at an AGM shall appoint a Country Representative or ask another member that have appointed a Country Representative to hold a proxy for them.


When a person appointed as Country Representative cannot attend one or more sessions of the AGM, he/she can appoint a substitute, who shall be present at the AGM as his/her replacement. To appoint a substitute, the Country Representative shall approach the Secretariat and hand in the temporary appointment in writing. The Substitute has the same rights as the Country Representative, only during the session for which he/she has been appointed. If the Country Representative holds a proxy, the substitute will hold the proxy as well. A person who has not been appointed as substitute before the relevant session starts will be considered an observer.


Is a person that can attend the AGM but has no right to speak or vote. Each member can have up to two observers, provided that one of them is the Team Leader of the delegation. The other observer shall be appointed in the same way as a Country Representative is.


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Deadlines for returning proposals and application forms for the AGM 2015

  • Bids for IODA events in 2017: May 15, 2015
  • Proposals from members: February 15th, 2015
  • Proposals with Executive Committee's comments sent out to members: March 15th, 2015
  • Nominations for IODA Executive, Technical or Regatta Committees: received 4 days before the first day of the AGM


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How to bid

The following are the steps to follow in order to bid for an IODA event: Continental or World Championship.

  • Download the relevant documentation from the links below.
  • Read the relevant IODA conditions, the Regatta Manual and the application itself and contact us if you have any doubt about their contents. These documents are the 'contract' with IODA with regards to the organisation of the event
    • The IODA Handbook contains the Conditions for the Optimist World Championship, the Conditions for the Optimist Continental Championships and the specific Conditions for the relevant Continental Championship (the last two are complimentary). The conditions are the rules governing the IODA events and apply for organisers and participants as well.
    • The IODA Regatta Manual contains explanations of the rules in the Conditions and pieces of advice regarding the organisation of IODA events, from the moment you apply up to the end of the event itself.
  • Fill in the application form and return to us before the deadline indicated above.
  • Once the application has been received by the IODA Secretariat the Executive Committee analyse it and will contact you if they have any doubt.
  • Presentation before the AGM: This is not compulsory but it is highly recommended. Somebody from the 'Bidding' Committee should travel to the venue of the World Championship and present the proposal at the relevant meeting (Continental or World - see Programme above). It is advisable that this person is somebody in authority and with sound knowledge of the proposal. Representatives will ask questions and the more accurate the answers are the more possibilities you have of a successful bid.

Please note the following:

  • The application has to be endorsed by the MNA as well as by the IODA member. By signing the application you agree to the terms and conditions in the IODA Handbook and in the Regatta Manual. (please see conditions 7 and 10 of the Conditions for the Optimist Worlds; and Conditions 8 and 11 of the Conditions for the IODA Continentals)
  • (only if you are selected as the venue) The Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions are prepared by the IODA Race Committee based on the IODA standards. You can see the current standard version of the NoR downloading the NoRs of this year's relevant event. (See calendar) These documents are sent to you to be filled in with local information but no alterations are allowed. The same criteria apply to the race management procedures, which shall follow the IODA standards. You can write to me if you want a copy of the current standard SI.
  • The members of the Jury are nominated by the IODA ExCom in consultation with the organisers.

If you are interested in hosting an IODA event please contact the secretariat


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Bidder's Relevant Documentation

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Events in 2015 - as voted in Italy and confirmed in Argentina

**Worlds - change of date

Information given in the application form Worlds ** European South Americans North Americans Asian African European Team Race
Dates Aug 25 to Sept 5 July 17 to 24 April 10 to 19   Oct 20 to 28

Oct 11 to 17 Aug 18 - 23
City, town Marina Kamien Pomorski, Poland Pwllheli, Wales Paracas   Doha Algiers Lago di Ledro
Organiser Polish Optimist Class Association (PSKO) Pwllheli Sailing Club Asociacion Peruana de Optimist (APO) / FPV   Doha Sailing Club Federation Algerienne de Voile A. V. Lago di Ledro
Entry fees adults € 550 € 625 $ 600   $ 650 $ 600 --
Entry fees sailors € 550 € 590 $ 600   $ 650 $ 500 € 800 per team inc coach
Optimist charter fee € 400 € 400 $ 500   $ 500 $ 500 Included
Support boat charter fee € 1200 €1400 $ 1200   $ 500 $ 500 N/A
Boat provider Blue Blue + Zoum Sports Sails Centre, Bluemagic Rio Tecna + others TBC   Far East TBC Organisers
Accommodation Hotel Gryf Pobierowo Holiday village apartments, 3.5km San Agustin Hotel 3*   Glora Hotel, 4km Hotel 3* hotels


Events in 2016 - as voted in Argentina , to be confirmed in Poland


Information given in the application form Worlds European South American North American Asian African European Team Race
Dates June 27 to July 7 July 15 to 22 March 16 - 27   April 2 to 10 October 1 to 16 August
City, town Vilamoura Crotone Santa Elena   Negombo Luanda Ledro
Organiser CIMAV/APCIO Ass. Italiana Classe Optimist Salinas Yacht Club   Yachting Association of Sri Lanka Clube Naval de Luanda AV Lago di Ledro
Entry fees adults € 600 € 550 $700   $700 $600 Included
Entry fees sailors € 500 € 490 $650   $700 $550 € 1000 per team inc coach
Optimist charter fee € 400 TBC $600   $650 $550 Included
Support boat charter fee € 1300 TBC $1400   $1650 $1400 N/A
Boat provider Blue Blue Far East/Blue Blue Riotecna   Far East Far East Organiser
Accommodation Hotel tbc Hotel tbc Hotel tbc   4* Hotel Hotel tbc 3* Hotels


The venues above were voted among the successful bids presented by our members.


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